Looking to get adventurous?

We offer a wide range of community participation support opportunities. Our adventure programs are aimed at those who want to get out and about in the community and enjoy new experiences.

With the assistance of our friendly and experienced staff, you could be taking part in the activities listed below in a safe and fun filled environment!

Take part in a swim program to learn and develop skills in the water. Our Swim Instructors and/or Physiotherapists ensure safety and water familiarisation is at the forefront of each session. A flexible learning environment with climbing frames, underwater platforms, slides and floating mats supports all abilities. Swimming can improve gross motor skills, social skills and physical exercise abilities.

Enjoy a leisurely fishing day at a local fishing spot where they can experience the relaxation of being outdoors and practice their patience as they endeavour to find their catch of the day. Safety is our main priority and we instruct on proper technique, using equipment suited to each individual and their skill levels.

Strike! Take part in Tenpin Bowling in a fun and safe environment. Bowling is a great activity for people with all abilities to improve health and wellbeing, improve relationships, and increase social and community participation.  Lane bumpers and ball ramps can assist to make the activity a positive and memorable experience.

Take part in beginner or recreational bike riding opportunities for participants who would like to get outdoors and on two wheels. We can guide new bike riders on how to ride their bike around their local track, or offer supervision and support to more confident riders throughout a program that will have them experiencing different tracks and challenges.

Visit a number of Accessible Beaches across the state where we can take our clients to enjoy a day in the sun and sand. Beach matting and floating Mobi-Chairs assist the process and allow everyone to participate in one of Australians favourite activities. While at the beach enjoy exploring the beach landscape, flora and fauna, participate in one on one or team beach sports, supervised ocean swimming and/or beach sand physical exercises.

  • Visit a number of parks across the state where participants can enjoy a day outside in nature. Our carers will put together activities suited to the participants needs and abilities  including exploring the park landscape in a fun and educational way, leisurely walks and/or physical activity.

Our sports day programs allow participants to meet up on a weekly basis throughout the sport season and contribute to their local sports community as a volunteer. The participants will be able to experience participation in fun sports games and drills, volunteering and assisting sports clubs on matches, and spectating and supporting local sports teams creating a sense of community.

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