Looking to get creative?

We offer a wide range of community participation support opportunities. Our art programs are aimed at those who want to unwind and chill whilst expressing themselves through their art.

With the assistance of our friendly and experienced staff, you could be taking part in the activities listed below in a safe and fun filled environment!

Draw, Paint or Colour In your favourite sporting heroes or whatever you feel like in one of our Art Therapy Classes! Run by our qualified art therapists, our art classes allow participants to relax and de-stress whilst expressing themselves through their art.

Join in on one of our fun dance lessons, which offer both social and physical benefits. Our dance classes are run by our experienced and qualified dance instructors and cater to all abilities, where the main goal of every session is to have fun!

Working with one of our qualified music therapists, we assist participants in learning how to play an appropriate instrument for their needs. We incorporate their love for sport by teaching songs and rhythms that match our “sounds of the game” theme which will instil enthusiasm by combining other interests of familiarity.

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