Would your students benefit from participating in regular skill development classes?

Through the implementation of our programs we create inclusive environments where we can apply a safe and positive space to facilitate physical exercise.

In order to operate in line with school schedules, our sports clinics can be held Before, After or During school hours.

Melbourne Sports Institute Clinic programs are designed with growth at the forefront of our minds. Skill development and progression is core to building a sustained relationship with physical activity and sport. Throughout our classes we minimse sedentary activities and keep our students active both physically and mentally. We understand the social benefits of sport and promote inclusive interactions between all.

We are passionate about keeping youth engaged in sport as a tool for personal health and development. Our environments foster positivity towards each other and towards sporting activities. We cater to the needs of your students, coordinating class groupings based on ability, as well as facilitating a wide range of sports. 

Our 1 hour sports clinics are conducted by experienced and qualified MSI Inclusive Programs staff who are disability support workers, personal trainers and exercise physiologists who have been extensively worker screened as per NDIS quality and safeguard regulations. 

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