Looking to be entertained?

We offer a wide range of community participation support opportunities. Our event activities are aimed at those who want to be entertained and experience the festivity that comes with attending an event.

With the assistance of our friendly and experienced staff, you could be taking part in the events listed below in a safe and fun filled environment!

Based on seasonal carnivals in the local area, our staff are able to assist participants in experiencing the atmosphere and fun of a local carnival with their peers. At a carnival you can expect guidance and support participating in carnival games and rides, transportation support and organisation of groups to attend carnivals together as a community.

Attend sporting events, open training, local sport competitions, charity matches and/or club fates with our support workers. We provide support on public transportation or supply of all access vehicles if public transportation is not suitable to ensure safe and convenient transport to/from the event. Be part of an exciting atmosphere and meet like-minded people within the community.

To find out more about our Event Activities, submit a request on the form below.

After submitting the form below, we will be in touch to organise a consultation with our management team who will determine your individual needs and how to best facilitate your request.


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