We are proud to be driven by our key values in achieving goals and continuous improvement in providing sports and recreation programs for our participants and the wider community. Whilst these are our values that underpin our programs motives, there is no limit on our potential for growth and development and have many more values that are integral to our organisation as a whole.


We RESPECT each individual’s rights and freedom to opinion. We RESPECT our role in the community to facilitate sports and recreation programs for people of all abilities. We RESPECT each organisation and individual in their physical activity endeavours and opportunities they present in the community. We RESPECT the staff within our team and the participants that take part in our Inclusive Program that everybody can share their views for the development of the program.


We are providing the resources and coordinating the programs to ultimately enable individuals to have options and make decisions on their own sporting endeavours. By providing information, working to the individual’s clear goals and objectives and creating a positive environment we are giving participants the power to succeed.


Our commitment to our participants is that we will continually work with you to create opportunities and develop growth in your physical exercise pursuits within the community. The ongoing support and service that we provide to our participants will be sustainable and focused on improving each individuals’ quality of life.


To continually strive for excellence is not only an aim for our participants but for the program as whole. Our procedures, policies, information and staff will continually strive for excellence to ensure we are providing the upmost service for each and every individual.