"Physiotherapy can help you get the most out of life, whether that means improving your mobility, helping you exercise regularly, or removing barriers that stop you from getting out in the community."

~ Home Caring Disability and Aged Care Specialists


The physiotherapy process can be divided into the assessment, program development, and review stages, as shown below.

Our initial consultation will always be entirely focused on you.
This allows our physiotherapists to gain a better grasp of you as a whole, as well as your specific concerns.
Our physiotherapists will conduct a thorough patient interview and then personalise treatment to your specific needs.
More significantly, your objectives are essential to us, and they will always be at the forefront of our physiotherapists’ minds when determining how best to meet your needs.
Whether you’re looking for pain alleviation or want to become more self-sufficient, we can assist!
We conduct Physiotherapy sessions in the comfort of the participant’s own home or in residential facility. 
We collaborate with participants to develop tailored home rehabilitation program and work on the following based on your needs:

– Identification of dangers (i.e. falls prevention)

– Addressing your areas to work on which were identified in our initial assessment

– Balance

– Chronic pain management and reduction

– Rehabilitation and strength training

– Mobility

At predetermined program milestones, the participants progress will be measured and evaluated.

Following this evaluation, a collaborative and informed decision can be made towards the future direction of the program. 


The following are areas in which physiotherapy has proven to aid NDIS participants:

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