Looking to make new friends?

We offer a wide range of community participation support opportunities. Our social programs are aimed at those who want to interact with other people by enjoying experiences that form positive connections with them.

With the assistance of our friendly and experienced staff, you could be taking part in the social activities listed below in a safe and fun filled environment!

Participants are able to meet in a social setting, share a meal or coffee and engage with others whether in a group or one on one. Our program also provides an opportunity for like-minded sports fanatics to meet to discuss their favourite sports teams and their recent performances. Our carers will lead the discussion to engage with others, create a sense of community between participants and create networks of support.

Interactions with friends are especially important for those with a disability, however may prove inaccessible to some. We provide support on public transportation, supply of all access vehicles if public transportation is not suitable, schedule and organisation of suitable times/locations with friends with focus on ongoing engagement and communication support where needed.

Participants are able to meet in a social setting where they are able to engage with a small group or have one on one time with carers or family members. We provide support on public transportation or supply of all access vehicles if public transportation is not suitable to ensure safe and convenient transport to/from the restaurant or cafe.

Join a group of participants with a common interest in sports. Our cares will encourage participants to discuss their favourite players, recent match highlights and get involved in sports trivia. It is a great opportunity for participants to meet and make new friends in a supportive environment.

  • Volunteer within your local community to gain lifelong skills including communication, teamwork, problem solving, independence and self-confidence. Our carers will assist and supervise to ensure participants feel safe and supported in a new environment.

Strike! Take part in Tenpin Bowling in a fun and social environment. Bowling is a great activity for people with all abilities to improve health and wellbeing, improve relationships, and increase social and community participation.  Lane bumpers and ball ramps can assist to make the activity a positive and memorable experience.

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