Therapeutic Supports

Learn and gain confidence through our Therapeutic Supports!

The well-being of our clients is a big priority for us at Melbourne Sports Institute. 

Everyone should have access to services that will work with you to ensure that you feel safe and healthy in your life, accommodating to any needs or support that you may require to achieve this. 

We provide a number of therapeutic services that will engage with you to help make sure that your physical and emotional state of mind, is where you want it to be. 

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Psychologists work to support and guide positive changes to an individual's mental wellbeing through:

- Psychological assessments - Cognitive assessments - Mental health support
- Counselling & Therapy

Art therapists use their art and creativity to help individuals improve their mental health and well being resulting in:

- Improved creativity and self-esteem - Improved interpersonal skills
- Decrease in fatigue - Decrease in stress and anxiety

Music therapists facilitate a research-based therapy alternative which is used to actively help those in strive and allow them to express themselves through the art of music. Our therapists achieve this through:

- Structured and unstructured improvisation
- Increasing attention span, which includes sustained, alternate, and selective attention
- Music assisted relaxation - Music aided bonding/attachment

After submitting the form below, we will be in touch to organise a consultation with our management team who will determine your individual needs and how to best facilitate your request.

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